Deer Du Bois playlist #174: Morilla, Teflon Sega, Boniface, LAVID, klei…

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, from now until death do us part, we publish the much-awaited and surprising playlists of our Brussels‘ friend and collaborator: Deer Du Bois.

This Week in music with Deer Du Bois, we spend with new lovers of the sound!

Newcomers tells us their most intimate stories like Morilla on his debut ‘Impossible’ and Jaleel who is mixing up urban heat and mathematics in his new track ‘In Numbers’.

Berlin-based Lavid teams up with Klei for the powerful and off-the-hook pop song ‘Burn’. Rising star and blog-sweetheart Boniface amazes us all with ‘I Will Not Return A Tourist’, where piercing vocals over an echoing story tell us how not to be a tourist of love!

Dutch singer Luwten delivers once again on her new, touching song ‘Double For Me’. A moment of peace before we raise the heat with South-African vocal-queen Moonchild Sanelly with her thrilling beats and bursting lyrics on ‘F-Boys’. You better run-run!

Lastly, the tropical synthesizers and chimes of ‘Zeitgest’ from UK alt-pop band POLO will enlighten your week!

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