DEER DU BOIS playlist #179: FAKA, Sleigh Bells, Robokid, phem, Sara Diamond

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, from now until death do us part, we publish the much-awaited and surprising playlists of our Brussels‘ friend and collaborator: Deer Du Bois.

Fierce and empowering, let Deer Du Bois playlist guides us through this social turmoil, and #wetoo stand beside you all!

Fresh and fierce from Johannesburg, South-Africa, the queer & vogue-pop duo FAKA brings us more than just music in their addictive track “Uyang’khumbula”!

We blend together the great new music from Robokid & Phem, on their punching-strong pop anthem “Judge Me”, and be prepared to get a reply in return.

Is It a ballad, is it an elegy: Sleigh Bells return with this profoundly haunting and chilling new track “And Saints”, teasing their upcoming new album!

Some songs we love to hear over and over again, transformed and covered even. That’s why we hail Tyson Kraft and his take on Haddaway‘s killer hit “What Is Love”! With Emily Frost, we channel the 80s synths on her boosting alt-pop track “Plastic”.

Belgian newcomers Mortalcombat are a well-deserved French-electro-pop break in this playlist with their playful retro-inspired song “Beau Et Decadent”.

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