DEER DU BOIS playlist #183: Bülow, RAINSFORD, Twin Shadow, Saro, Ouri, …

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, from now until death do us part, we publish the much-awaited and surprising playlists of our Brussels‘ friend and collaborator: Deer Du Bois.

Our intentions could be much clearer if we would express them in music! Hopefully, Deer Du Bois’ new playlist is here to help us expressing ourselves.

Baroque in a way but yet non-traditional, Natti Vogel‘s “I Don’t Want To Find The One” is a twisted and catchy answer to the pressures of permanent coupling.

Use these songs to show your emotions thanks to Safetalk and the hush-voiced synth song “Mimic”. Or dedicate an 80s electro-ballad to your loved one with Rainsford with the smooth Twin Shadow on the delicate “Intentions”.

Some more raw 80s inspired-turned alt-folk we find with Swedish singer Rain On Monday and his light-swinging “Hiding Places”. But don’t get confused, things aren’t always what they seem, and “This Is Not A Love Song”, a power track by Bülow, proves that!

With Kult Kyss‘s “I Am One”, you learn how to channel emotions into one strong vibe!

For fans of Kelela and FKA Twigs, Deer Du Bois spoils you this week with sensual confusion on “Wild Mother”, brought to you by the sweet collaboration of Ouri & Mind Bath!

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