DEER DU BOIS playlist #197: Brynäs, Yuno, Sibéri, Kisos …

Every Wednesday on HighClouds, we post the much-awaited and surprising playlist of our Brussels‘ friend, tastemaker and collaborator: sir Deer Du Bois.

It is freezing outside, but this playlist is definitely warming us up and making us bounce!

Finger-licking new music is served! Breathe the cold Scandinavian air thanks to electronic newcomer Brynäs in the hypnotizing “Trigger”. Warm air from the west can define Yuno, who pleases us again, after his hit “Sunlight”, with the bouncing “No Going Back”.

The tantalizing pop of Emily Frost is warmer than her name does presume, so listen to “Eyes Wide Open” and feel the glow. Berlin via Marseille musician Sibéri sings in his native French on his lo-fi gem “Pazapa”.

If you want “More”, go check out the latest single by Zoey Lily. Intimate and write out of life itself is the newest track “Deatomize” by NY talent Kisos ft. Kirsten Izer.

Nashville native Jedidiah delivers in “Crowd”, the perfect mixture of sleek pop and alternative R&B. “Parallel Lovers” by Brazilian act Astrolemo is the perfect song that we needed to cuddle during the cold weather.

If you want to drink a bit more until you get tipsy, you should check him on Facebook and Soundcloud, and follow his regular posts on our site.

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