Divino Niño unveil trippy video with protean shapes for “Foam”

Divino Niño‘s new album Foam is due out Summer 2019 on Winspear.

Divino Niño is the four piece fronted by guitarist Camilo Medina and bassist Javier Forero, two artists who met as kids in Bogotá, Colombia. After cutting their teeth in southern Florida bands, Forero and Medina settled down in Chicago in 2010 but never lost their original tropical touch. Probably a way to face the tough winters of North America.

Divino Niño’s new album Foam is set to be released this summer but we already have the title track as first single. “Foam” is a percussive and shiny slice of psychedelic pop with romantic and luminous lyrics. About this warmful new song, Medina detailed on Gorilla vs Bear:

Chicago winters are brutal, especially if your body grew up in a tropical climate. With ‘Foam,’ I’m trying to imagine a warm, cozy environment with sunshine and sea. I wanted whatever I heard back in the song to warm me up. We recorded the entire thing in a small apartment and there’s a lot of percussion sounds from things we found laying around. There are knives and forks and bottles and salt shakers all over the track.

“Foam” also comes with an incredible video with trippy and protean shapes. Watch the Thami Nabil-directed visuals below.

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