Djustin – Stars

Another great day for Swedish electro-pop-noir with the track “Stars” by brand new transatlantic formed duo Djustin made-up out of Johan Angergard and Michigan singer Rose Suau. With a bio that reads as a Generation Y love story drenched in an unconditional love for music, you can only get excited for the sound that will get born out of this collaboration.

When Johan, one of the heads at Labrador Records and band member of The Legends and many other terrific electronic bands started to write letters to Rose, they knew that thanks to their mutual musical wavelength they had going on between them, they would one day make music by combining his know-how and electric feel with Rose’s soulful and heart piercing vocals. By e-mailing and We Transferring song-bits back and forth they created their first track in 2016 without really meeting each other in the flesh.

But when you listen to Stars you will not feel this enormous distance. The track became a powerful and almost intergalactic love song that is pushed forward by a fierce and dark glowing beat lifting Rose‘s sensual singing higher and higher up into a star-studded night, where you wont be able to stop dancing.

“Stars” is out on Labrador Records.

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