Dominique shares breezy and playful new single “Receipts”

Dominique‘s new single “Receipts” is taken from her upcoming sophomore EP.

Dominique has been on our radar for some months -read years- and it’s actually pretty cool to see her grow. By taking the time to mature up her artistry, she has smartly gone from a delicate, suggested pop to expansive, glossy new soundscapes. With her new single “Receipts”, the indepedent New York City-based singer-songwriter has maybe released the best track of her career so far.

The playful track was crafted with two other female artists, MDA and EJAE, and with help from her dad for the bass on the chorus. It actually reminds us of Carly Rae Jepsen at times but it also keeps the idiosyncratic silky touch of Dominique. It is empowering and invites to leave the manipulative minds on the side. It’s a logical move as the first single of her new EP was called “Use Me“. Dominique is emancipating herself as an artist and it fits her so well.

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