Dominique sings about being hopelessly in love in “Use Me”

After a much successful debut EP released in December of last year, Dominique is back with new single “Use Me” where she sings her sadness away about falling for someone.

Going into a more straight-forward pop direction, “Use Me” is catchy as hell, and showcases her vocals in R&B-infused beats. Compared to the likes of Lorde, the brilliant Dominique explains the dark message hidden behind an upbeat bouncy production:

“Use Me” is a track about being so hopelessly in love with someone that you’d do anything and everything just to be around them. Although the vibe of the song feels more upbeat and happy, it’s one of the saddest songs I’ve ever written. The song itself feels like a turning point in my artistic direction as most of my life has changed since I put out my EP in December. The music I’m writing and the songs I’m producing sound quite different from my older material and I feel like I’m evolving as an artist. I’m also pursuing different projects in my career, like producing for other artists. “Use Me” details one of my first experiences doing so.

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Matias Calderon

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