EMBRZ explores his sound with a blissful new track “Heartlines”

Dublin born producer Jack Casey AKA EMBRZ is a 25-year-old music entrepreneur. With his experimental philosophy, of always improving, stepping out of the box, this producer writes to explore, to change his sound.

His newest release “Heartlines,” featuring Meadowlark, allows him to change the pace from beginning with a down-tempo sound to whisk fully shifting it into a world of dance. Casey explains himself:

I always try to keep an emotion in my sound. But I want to display it in different ways. Be that in something soft and slow paced or something with high energy.

From bringing elements of downtempo music to infusing them with indie and soul, his constant change in tempo keeps his sound fresh and up to date. It’s blissful, and radiant.

“Heartlines” is a track off of his upcoming EP, “Progress”, available digitally via Ultra Music on July 7th. For now, you can follow EMBRZ over Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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