Fabiana Palladino romanticizes isolation on “I Can’t Dream Anymore”

“I Can’t Dream Anymore” is taken from Fabiana Palladino‘s self-titled debut album, out April 5 via Paul Institute/XL Recordings.

London-based singer-songwriter and musician Fabiana Palladino, daughter of the legendary bassist Pino Palladino and a protégée of the Paul Institute, is preparing for the release of her debut album. Thus far, she has revealed the Jai Paul-assisted duet “I Care” and the stirring “Stay With Me Through The Night.” Recently, Palladino shared another exquisite single from the album, “I Can’t Dream Anymore.” The dark 80s synth-led ballad is also accompanied by an extensive statement.

“I wrote ‘I Can’t Dream Anymore‘ in a period of the first lockdown where I was staying up too late, writing songs for the album alone and the intensity and unreality of everything started to affect my sleep…,” Palladino explains. “I realised after a while that even when I did sleep, I wasn’t really dreaming. Everything felt very surreal, and it reminded me of when I’ve been in the aftermath of big changes, those moments in life where everything shifts and you have to reconfigure yourself.

“The track has this very insular feeling at first but opens up into something more emotional and direct as the song goes on,” Palladino adds. “We leant into that with the production; we wanted to make it borderline melodramatic, like a power-ballad. There’s real heartache in not being able to dream anymore, not being able to imagine a future or remember a feeling from the past, so I didn’t want to shy away from the big feelings in the lyrics.

“I listened to the shipping forecast for comfort during the time of writing the album,” Palladino continues. “I found it relaxing, but it was also a kind of escapism for me. The isolation I was feeling felt more romantic when I listened to it. I’d be playing this imagined, isolated version of myself out to sea, completely alone but connected to others by broadcasting my radio show from the ship late into the night, which is how I connected with Radio Caroline for the video. A theme across the album is connection and disconnection. It’s something I’m fascinated by, and the video represents it in a way which feels specific to ‘I Can’t Dream Anymore.‘

Reflecting her feelings of isolation and loneliness, Fabiana Palladino filmed the music video for “I Can’t Dream Anymore” with directors Caroline Waxse and Josh Renaut aboard the historic ship housing Radio Caroline. This renowned pirate radio station was founded in 1964 and has played a significant role in shaping not only UK radio but also the pop and rock music industry. Watch below.