Look who is back! Our brand new playlist curator Free Anckaert – note to native English speakers: yes that’s his real name, it’s not a nickname – is back with a selection of his favorite tracks.

Every week, Free scours through hundreds of SoundCloud tracks to find the best new gems by artists that are flying under the radar.

Each week our Brussels-based fellow overwhelms you with a variety of songs that make your head go nuts. This week, he offers us a 100% Belgian playlist! Here are a few of his favorites:

Tundra – My Love:

Driving through vibrant cities or beautiful landscapes is one of my favourite things in the world to do, especially when the accompanied soundtrack is kind of hypnotical. Try playing M83’s music while driving through a tunnel for example. Wouldn’t it be the best if a band/artist’s pseudonym was just “Tunnel” or “Savanna” or … Ok, no it’d be boring but with Tundra’s music I can see myself driving through a tundra landscape endlessly.

NKISI – Welcome To The Jungle:

Nkisi is one of the best kept secrets of Belgian’s music scene. Though she’s renowned worldwide in the experimental electronic scene as one of the co-founders of NON WORLDWIDE, together with Chino Amobi and Angel-Ho, in Belgium itself she’s practically unknown. Let’s change that Belgium! As she’s one of the few people who can really change and reinvent the Belgian music scene.

doro – Evasion:

Music wise – and non music wise, watching you ex-mayor Yvan Mayeur – there’s so much going on in Brussels. The hiphop scene on the one hand is better and bigger than ever with artists like Zwangere Guy and Stikstof. Acts like Kassett, Samuelspaniel and doro on the other hand are the new revelations in Brussels’ progressive electronic scene, internationally guided by Mechatok, Dinamarca, Y1640 and so many other interesting new artists.

Another week of fresh tracks by breaking artists around the world — brought to you by FREE. Check the full playlist below!

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Free Anckaert

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