Free Anckaert’s playlist #11: Washed Out, Doro & Buga, Lee Gamble and more!

Look who is back! Our brand new playlist curator Free Anckaert – note to native English speakers: yes that’s his real name, it’s not a nickname – is back with a selection of his favorite tracks.

Every week, Free scours through hundreds of SoundCloud tracks to find the best new gems by artists that are flying under the radar.

Each week our Brussels-based fellow overwhelms you with a variety of songs that make your head go nuts. This week, he offers us a playlist with a summer vibe! Here are a few of his favorites:

Doro & Buga – Overdue:

Midlife is the thread through this playlist. The label run by Belgian progressive electronic producers Kassett, Samuelspaniel and doro might be the best the Belgian music scene offers at the moment. Its sound is challenging, measurable with international level (Lee Gamble, Lorenzo Senni, Rabit, Lexxi,…) and together with Hiele, Sky H1 and Ssalivva they’re putting Belgium on the avant-garde electronica world card.

Doldrums – PERV:

As one of my all time faves I’ve been looking forward to Airick Asher Woodhead’s 3rd record since he released “The Air Conditioned Nightmare” in 2015. His first and second LP were released by Arbutus Record and Sub Pop respectively, so you’d expect Esc to go for at least as big. Following other recent indie releases by Washed Out, Molly Nilsson & Still Corners (and probably a lot more), the Canadian choose for the smaller label. What does that mean for his sound? It’s still rough (ruw), industrial, catchy IDM-ish though more atmospheric without losing its edge and dancey aggressiveness.

Washed Out – Get Lost:

In similarity of shoegaze, that other laidback indie genre called chillwave has got three pioneers: Toro y Moi, Neon Indian and Washed Out. After the chillwave wave (2009-2011), the first showed the most creativity on “Anything In Return” (2013) and “For What” (2015), but disappointed big time on his new “Boo Boo”, released last week. Neon Indian really got me with his “Polish Girl” on “Era Extrana”, but wasn’t really able to captivate me until his surprisingly good, funky and catchy “Vega Intl. Night School“, released in 2015. Washed Out seems the one ‘stuck’ the most in the chillwave style, though on his new album “Mister Mellow Ernest Greene” he gives the genre a twist turning it more funky, almost sounding like Bonobo (I’ve Been Daydreaming My entire Life) or Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Another week of fresh tracks by breaking artists around the world — brought to you by FREE. Check the full playlist below!

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Free Anckaert

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