Free Anckaert’s playlist #13: Femme En Fourrure, Overmono

After a few months of a much needed break, look who is back! The weekly playlist by curator Free Anckaert is here with a selection of his favorite tracks.

Our curator scours through hundreds of SoundCloud tracks to find the best new gems by artists that are flying under the radar. Our Brussels-based fellow overwhelms you with a variety of songs that make your head go nuts. This week, he offers us a playlist that smells like a comeback! Here are a few of his favorites:

Femme En Fourrure – Creepers:

“Music made for DJs and catwalks; also: for nightly promenades and oceanside sexin’.” that’s how the Finnish Femme En Fourrure describe themselves. I couldn’t agree more. New album “Body Positive” is a step in a more poppy sound, but still with both feet in the experiment and deep electronica.

Dead Serpent – Eclosión:

Super unknown, that what I can say about this Chilean band. I don’t even remember how I ended up listening to the dark wavy shoegaze from what apparently is the music from a guy called Von Warloc. Mystery.

WULFFLUW XCIV & Nahshi – Latente:

Last year Wulffluw XCIV released an awesome aggressive sounding electronic EP ‘Matanza’. Fan of WWWINGS, Mechatok or KAMBLAM? Then you might take a listen to this “Latente”!

Another week of fresh tracks by breaking artists around the world — brought to you by FREE. Check the full playlist below!

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Free Anckaert

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