Free Anckaert’s playlist #8: RIN, Baba Stiltz, Nick Nicely and more!

Look who is back! Our brand new playlist curator Free Anckaert – note to native English speakers: yes that’s his real name, it’s not a nickname – is back with a selection of his favorite tracks.

Every week, Free scours through hundreds of SoundCloud tracks to find the best new gems by artists that are flying under the radar.

Each week our Brussels-based fellow overwhelms you with a variety of songs that make your head go nuts. Here are a few of his favorites:

RIN – Broke:

This American-Japanese, Brussels-based electronic artist RIN knows how to merge experiment with catchiness and high pitched stringlike tunes. If someone knows she’s performing in Brussels or elsewhere, please let me know!

Baba Stiltz – Can’t Help It:

From Swedish and Stockholm-based artists I always expect to hear indie/electro pop. Sorry for my prejudices to them who are not, including Baba Stiltz. Stiltz could easily chose to be a (boring but) well-paid straighforward house producer, as you can hear in the intro of “Can’t Help It”. Though the building tense gives away he can do a lot more and is going to something great. Cuz “Can’t Help” is an amazing dance pop song with emotional touch added by Stiltz’ soft Erlend Øye-ish voice.

Nick Nicely – The Otherside 2:

Described (in 2012 already) as “the greatest popstar that never was”, Nick Nicely is still around doing his thing and doing it well. “The Otherside 2” is the B-side of Nick’s brand new single “Ghostdream”, the follow-up of “The Otherside” (2004) and just the perfect exotic breeze in this weather.

Another week of fresh tracks by breaking artists around the world — brought to you by FREE. Check the full playlist below!

Check on Free‘s playlist every Thursday on HighClouds and follow our curator on Soundcloud.

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