GINEVRA rediscovers love on diaphanous new track “Burning”

GINEVRA‘s new song, “Burning”, is out on Factory Flaws.

Following up on her debut EP Ruins, which was released earlier this year, Turin-born, Milan-based singer-songwriter GINEVRA has just returned with a brand new song. As she explained to HighClouds in a recent interview, the artist is now ready to turn the page after having explored and processed a difficult breakup with her five first songs. Her brand new offering, “Burning”, seems to announce a brighter path for the up and coming artist who usually draws inspiration from nature as well as her own experiences. Here, she rediscovers the loving feeling, trust, and vulnerability with the poetic spectacle of summer sunset for scenery. Co-produced once again by Marco Fugazza, the track sounds diaphanous and light-hearted, even if there is something in the sound that recalls her past disappointments and melancholy. About this romantic new track, she stated:

‘Burning’ is the last sunset of the summer, running to catch the train just to see your lover and share that one last kiss, the feeling that – for one moment – everything is possible. It makes me feel light, like dancing under a pink sky, until the sun sinks into the sea. It’s a song I’m very proud of, just like I’m of the close team that works with me.

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