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HÅN and GIUNGLA race against themselves in the headbanger “CTR”

HÅN and GIUNGLA‘s collaborative single, “CTR,” is out on today via Factory Flaws. Like everyone else these days, musicians have

Eugenia Post Meridiem Anjos In Her Bones

Eugenia Post Meridiem tease debut album with their new stunner “Anjos”

“Anjos” is taken from Eugenia Post Meridiem’s debut album, In Her Bones, out tomorrow via Factory Flaws. Eugenia Post Meridiem’s

Han HÅN Gymnasion Its Better When I’m Asleep

HÅN and her synth-pop lull you into “It’s Better When I’m Asleep”

“It’s Better When I Sleep” is taken from HÅN‘s sophomore EP, to be released via Factory Flaws. 22-year-old singer-songwriter HÅN

Ginevra Burning

GINEVRA rediscovers love on diaphanous new track “Burning”

GINEVRA‘s new song, “Burning”, is out on Factory Flaws. Following up on her debut EP Ruins, which was released earlier

Eugenia Post Meridiem Blue Noon

Eugenia Post Meridiem debut serene and sublime new single “Blue Noon”

Eugenia Post Meridiem‘s new track, “Blue Noon,” is out tomorrow on Factory Flaws. “Blue Noon,” the second release off Italy-based


Eugenia Post Meridiem debut with gorgeous and poignant single “Low Tide”

Eugenia Post Meridiem‘s debut track “Low Tide” is out on Factory Flaws. Eugenia Post Meridiem strike gold in their first


GINEVRA debuts with introspective and explorative folk song “Forest”

GINEVRA‘s debut single “Forest” is out November 16 via Factory Flaws. Turin is one of the most industrialized cities of

L I M Queen

L I M crosses gender boundaries in homo-erotic “Queen” video

L I M‘s new single “Queen” will be avaiable on streaming platforms on June 19 via La Tempesta International and