Grand Pax battles her inner demons on intense new single “Bunk”

Grand Pax‘s new song “Bunk” is out now on Blue Flowers Music.

Following up on her 2018’s debut EP Phase, bedroom producer Grand Pax has just shared her first song of 2019. On “Bunk”, the artist keeps the intimate and introspective spirit of her previous offerings while proposing expansive, intense new soundscapes. The amazing crescendo probably encapsulates the impulse of her inner demons and the tension they provoke. About the track, she stated:

‘Bunk’ for me depicts the struggle with the darker aspects of myself. I find I’m typically at either side of the extremes; destructive, or hopeful. The process of landing at either end can be hectic. I’ve been listening progressively more and more to music that straddles electronic pop and alternative. ‘Bunk’ for me was something of a milestone to write. It’s my own personal anthem.

Watch the Netti Hurley-directed video below.

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