GROZ – Dark Blue Sea (MV)

Twisting and turning, different colors, hazey atmosphere: these three elements, visually, are what make dark pop singer GROZ’s new music video most enticing.

However, when these elements are coupled with a beautifully alluring and dark pop song, shit goes HAM.

GROZ’s SoundCloud profile is pretty bare at the moment. She’s only got two songs up but they’re both top-notch. While “Barefoot Town” is a darkly ruminating track haunted by the sound of vocal chops, “Dark Blue Sea” is outstanding in a folksy pop sort of way. Vocal “Mmmms” are the bread and butter of this track, and paired with the music video, listeners are in for a completely mind-boggling experience.

Watching GROZ’s new music video for “Dark Blue Sea”, viewers are introduced to a world where bodies take shapes and forms that simultaneously beautify the human form while seeming inhuman.

It’s a completely mystical experience created through the use of organic, human bodies, and you just might find yourself getting sucked into the world that the music video has created for your listening (and viewing) pleasure.

What makes “Dark Blue Sea” both intriguing to watch and listen to is the use of visuals to emphasize the themes of the song. As dancers and GROZ move their bodies artistically in darkened rooms, in bathtubs, under sheets, the pulse of these movements fit the emotional aspects of the song that are not capitalized upon in the lyrics.

The inspiration for the music video is reminiscent of Homer‘s “Odyssey”. GROZ’s lyrics of temptation and fear of the unknown inspired the directors, Kevin Stewart and Ricky Fosheimto create a dark and moody video that has hopefully hypnotized and sucked viewers in. The two knew they wanted to involve water to connect with the dark blue sea theme and that’s how they came up with the bathtub idea.

Stay tuned for more of what GROZ has in store for listeners this year via her SoundCloud, Twitter, and Facebook.

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