Hand Habits finally understands “what lovers do”

“What Lovers Do” is taken from Hand Habits‘ new album placeholder due March 1 on Saddle Creek.

A few weeks before the release of their sophomore album, Meg Duffy, also known as Hand Habits, shares a brand new track from the 12-track project. Released on Valentine’s Day, the tender “what lovers do” compares desire to fire and seems to mark the end to some intimacy struggles as they sing “halfway with my hands into the fire of my desire” and “now I know what lovers do.”

The follow up to the excellent “can’t calm down” also comes with an Alexa Viscius-directed video which features Griffin Goldsmith of Dawes. About this new release, Duffy explained to The Fader:

Hesitation, revelation, and repetition-aspects of the story you can identify easily, and must be the witness and the participant. When the shame baton gets passed back and forth between parties, who is the fool? I could never claim to have a complete understanding.

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