Hanna Krischdюr gave a name to the anxiety that lives in her mind: “Lucy”

Hanna Krischdюr‘s dreamy new track, “Lucy,” is out now.

Overthinking can create an endless cycle of stress and worry but these contemplations can also serve as inspiration for beautiful songs. Just like Marci, on her recent single “Stop,” Hanna Krischdюr candidly shares her struggles with overwhelming anxiety in an ethereal new track called “Lucy.” “My friend and I were talking about our problems and she told me something that just clicked,” stated the Venezuelan singer-songwriter. “It made me see how I lived stuck in my overthinking, imagining all the possibilities of a decision to the point of boredom, living everything in my head without actually doing it.” Krischdюr even took it a step further, assigning a name to this mental state during a moment of clarity, as she sings: “Lucy, Lu… I´ve been trying / To get you / Get you out of my life / But you´re the jealous kind.”