HUGH connect with Amaroun on political comeback single “Sober”

HUGH‘s new track “Sober” is self-released via Love, Hugh Recordings.

After one year of silence, HUGH, the UK group consisting of Andy Highmore, Joshua Idehen, Martain Kolarides, and friends, are back with a brand new track, “Sober”. Featuring London-based singer-songwriter Amaroun, the single’s haunting and soothing melodies echo the current dystopian state of politics in the US and UK. Heavy at times, the song captures the weight of the world while providing a glimmer of hope. It’s easy to let everything wash over while falling into Cross-Atlantic three-piece’s chill R&B energy. About “Sober”, Joshua Idehen detailed:

I’d been watching James O’Brien on repeat off youtube (rip my recommendations) and I’d been stuck by a former Leave voter who’s business and relations had suffered as a result of his vote and how he felt he’d been “drunk from all the rhetoric but was sober now.

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