Interview: Trace, overwhelmed with joy by the release of her debut “Low EP”

Following the release of her excellent debut “Low EP”, we met TRACE1) We follow you for quite some time now. “Heavy Shoulders” even made it to our list “TOP100 Tracks of 2015“. For the people who still don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about you?

You guys have been with me since the beginning! It’s so crazy. So, about me. I moved to LA to become an editor for a print magazine but decided to try out music on a semi-whim early 2015. I grew up in Southern California and have been in this general vicinity my whole life but I would say LA has become what I consider home. It’s changed my life living here that’s for sure. I also am a bad sleeper and can eat sushi every single day. I enjoy mornings and have a fascination with the sound of trains. I hate underground parking garages.

2) After 22 months of preparation, your EP “Low” is finally out! What was the creative process for this project? What are your feelings right now? Are you anxious, happy, stressed, excited…?

The process was a mixture foolish expectation and of determined and sleepless nights. I felt (and still do) so new to it all, so it was a lot of learning of what a process even looked like in general and what then the creative process looked like for me personally. But when the EP came out, I felt like it was the most unreal real thing. My feelings then were dismay meets relief meets excited. Now I feel a little bit the same but let’s add anxious to it. Over all though, really overwhelmed with joy.

3) In “Low”, you sing that you prefer “better” and “you.” Are your songs dealing with your personal life? What is the best thing for you? And the person you cherish the most?

My songs deal with what has happened, what could have happened and what I want to happen. Everything is personal though–because it means something. The best thing for me huh? In general, I think wanting better is different than wanting the best. In the case of this song, I think I was talking about the thought we all have in the back of our heads that tells us something is off or not right. But we go with it anyways because why not? The person I cherish the most? Haha. I cherish a solid seven people off the top of my head…

4) What is your favorite track on this EP and why?

My initial response, all of them of course. But I will have to say, “Honey” has a place in my heart. Mainly because it’s the song I kind of fell a part to when I was writing it. I feel the most with it I think.

5) If you could change one thing in your young career, what would it be?

Nothing whatsoever. And if I did it would probably be something terribly unimportant like the shoes I wore once at a show or something.

6) What can we expect now? A new video or maybe some live shows?

Great question. Maybe another video? Definitely more shows. Right now you can expect me, for the most par, to be in the studio writing away. Fingers majorly crossed.

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