Inwards fights against an unpleasant experience in glitchy new track “Dart”

“Dart” is taken from Inwards‘ new EP, Feelings Of Unreality, out on Small Pond.

Worcestershire’s multi-instrumentalist and modular synth programmer Kristian Shelley explores the far reaches of dance music with his music moniker Inwards. Signed on Small Pond since 2017, the producer has just released a 4-track new EP where electronic and acoustic instruments collide to give shape to thrilling yet emotional soundscapes. Opening his new project, the pulsating and melancholic “Dart” is all about resistance as Shelley explains:

The song is like fighting an unpleasant experience. Like the elephant is trying to run away but it can feel the dart kicking in. It gives me that solid melancholic rave feeling that I love. My friend Sam Organ described it as ‘Sad Rave’, which I thought was spot-on!

The glitchy track, which relies on The Field-like vocal samples from Rokorokubi‘s Rose Dutton, also comes with an odd, disconcerting video in which a character is inexorably fighting against some obsessive-compulsive disorders (or something that looks like that). Watch the Ali Gill-directed visuals below.

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