Danish duo IRAH unleash explosive and experimental new track “Siu Hinama”

“Siu Hinama” is taken from IRAH‘s new album Diamond Grid, due out May 24 on Tambourhinoceros.

Comprising vocalist Stine Grøn and synth player Adi Zukanović, IRAH is a Copenhagen-based duo crafting experimental and post-rock soundscapes. In a few weeks, they’ll release a brand new album, Diamond Grid, that already offered us the single “Unity of Gods”. They have now unveiled a brand new song, “Siu Hinama”, which also marks their collaboration with UK-based drummer Seb Rochford. About this music partnership, the latter stated:

Playing with IRAH is really special for me, at once I am moved and inspired, very much held in the present moment with my ears set on high sensitivity. These moments are some of the best.

Definitely more expansive and explosive than “Unity Of Gods”, their mysterious yet absorbing new single comes with its own language, in the same vein as Sigur Rós‘s Hopelandic. About this singular universe, IRAH‘s Stine Grøn elaborated:

‘Siu Hinama’ occurred through vocalistic sound meditations. The song never felt right with lyrics and therefore we decided to just let the words or word-sounds be as they were.

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