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Lucky Lo Supercarry video photo by Benjamin Tarp

Lucky Lo moves for radical love in feel-good video “Supercarry”

Lucky Lo‘s new single “Supercarry” is out via Tambourhinoceros. Copenhagen-based Swedish multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Lo Ersare has recently debuted her

Annsofie Salomon Ocean Shell video - photo by Justin Tyler Close

Annsofie Salomon teases debut EP with the raw and intricate “Ocean Shell”

“Ocean Shell” is taken from Annsofie Salomon’s debut EP, Only Space and Time Can Tell How to Breath in an

Annsofie Salomon all things video Justin Tyler Close

Annsofie Salomon shares personal journey with mental health on “All Things”

Annsofie Salomon‘s sophomore single, “All Things,” is out today on Tambourhinoceros. Danish art pop newcomer Annsofie Salomon has unveiled the

Molina Cold video by Veronika Vidøe

Molina’s ominous, elusive “Cold” is a perfect winter song

“Cold” is the title track from Molina‘s new EP, out today via Tambourhinoceros. Molina is a Danish-Chilean electro-pop artist who’s

Annsofie Salomon Soft Dreams video Justin Tyler Close

Annsofie Salomon debuts with wonderfully expressionistic cut “Soft Dreams”

Copenhagen-based artist Annsofie Salomon debuts on TAMBOURHINOCEROS with expressionistic single “Soft Dreams”. “Soft Dreams” may be Annsofie Salomon’s first single,

Molina Parásito

Molina announces new EP with passionate and cannibalistic single “Parásito”

Molina‘s new single, “Parásito”, is taken from her sophomore EP, Vanilla Shell, to be released on January 20 via Tambourhinoceros.

Sunx_Magnus_Bach_- Like a Drive in the Night, Pt 2

Sunx debuts heartfelt and intense ballad “Like a Drive in the Night, Pt 2”

Sunx‘s sophomore single, “Like a Drive in the Night, Pt 2,” is out on Tambourhinoceros. Sunx is the new solo

IRAH Siu Hinama

Danish duo IRAH unleash explosive and experimental new track “Siu Hinama”

“Siu Hinama” is taken from IRAH‘s new album Diamond Grid, due out May 24 on Tambourhinoceros. Comprising vocalist Stine Grøn