JACK GRACE’s “BE4UGO” is another raw curiosité from the Australian producer

Recently signed to Of Leisure, Australian producer Jack Grace is back with a new single, “BE4UGO”, and a Hamish Mitchell-directed video.

Jack Grace has been busy for the past 18 months. Indeed, the polyvalent artist (producer, arranger and music director) has been working on his new 7-track EP “If I Tremble” and has collaborated with other artists such as Ngaiire, Christopher Port, and BUOY. It must be said that Grace has developed a singular soundscape and we can imagine that artists are fond of his productions. “Hills” for instance, which features BUOY, showcases amazing arrangement and a very original composition.

Today, Jack Grace is back with his new single “BE4UGO”. The bleeps, synth-layers and sub-basses progressively set up a sombre and cold atmosphere that can be reminiscent of James Blake‘s work. The piano and reverb effects go also into that direction. Jack Grace‘s “BE4UGO” is another raw curiosité to add in the Aussie artist’s discography.

About this new single, the artist detailed:

BE4UGO is about being in love and full of doubt. It¹s less pessimism and more desperation. When you feel every time someone walks out the door it¹s the last time. As I was writing I let the form mimic the way a typical shallow thought cycles through my head on repeat, it resulted in less song, and more idea.”

This brand new single comes with a Hamish Mitchell-directed video that you can watch below.

“BE4UGO” will be featured on Jack Grace‘s forthcoming 7-track EP “If I Tremble”, to be released via Of Leisure.

Stay tuned to Jack Grace via Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

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