JINKA shares new art-pop creation “Flesh To White To Black To Flesh”

Transylvanian producer JINKA follows up to her twisted debut “Trash From The Past” with a new art-pop creation, “Flesh To White To Black To Flesh”, which channels the work and research of American artist Bruce Nauman. Discover the new track and the video that goes with it below.

We recently introduced you to JINKA and her exciting “Trash From The Past“. Today, she surprises us once again by releasing a new song and video that differ markedly from her exuberant debut. “Flesh To White To Black To Flesh” soundscape is more minimalist but still keeps the creative weirdness which was present in her previous single. By nodding knowingly to Bruce Nauman‘s work, JINKA proves that her music and video are the results of a thoughtful art-pop approach.

In his 1968’s video “Flesh To White To Black To Flesh”, Bruce Nauman was exploring the idea of human body as artistic subject matter by covering himself with makeups of different colours. JINKA‘s video aligns itself with this artistic approach as she uses her body as a support for hyperreal projections. By doing so, she becomes the art subject. In the same way, she confuses us even more by distorting her voice that eventually becomes unknowable; reminding us, by the way, of Planningtorock‘s work. Watch her new video below.

About “Flesh To White To Black To Flesh”, JINKA detailed:

I started writing “Flesh To White To Black To Flesh” in Toronto last year and finished the track in Berlin. During the production process I was watching Nauman’s video over and over again, trying to translate the atmosphere of its audiovisual field into my individual pop music language. For me, both video and song, are about dissecting, morphing, reinventing and physically exploring different identities, about shifting the focus of perception away from the juxtaposition of various distinct results to the process of steady transformation.

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