Joe Hertz – “Playing For You” feat. Bassette

Brixton-based producer Joe Hertz has a sound that reminds you of cool evening breezes, a glass of cold lemonade, or air conditioning on a hot summer day. His chill layered beats are a perfect example of the seemingly endless pool of talent coming out of the UK right now, with the fellow likes of Zak Abel, Jordan Rakei, and of course Tom Misch also in the same camp.

Recently, Joe Hertz released his new track “Playing For You” featuring the soulful vocals of Bassette and it is absolutely heavenly.

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Hertz draws from a variety of influences, as any good artist does. Teenage experiences at D&B raves, quirky electronic music found in video games, and Timbaland and J Dilla were all early inspirations that Hertz drew from. These sounds continue to manifest themselves in his music today, and while his debut single “At Your Touch” way back in 2013 was a fiery, dance-inspired track, new track “Playing For You” veers sharply from that direction, albeit still impressive.

“Playing For You” layers together a smooth combination of mellow beats and harp-like string plucks to create a soft backdrop for Bassette’s smoky vocals. The appearance of guitar strings, silky synths, and even sounds of a water drop all contribute to the beautifully textured sound of “Playing For You”. Of course, overanalyzing the components of any track doesn’t really matter unless together, they make the listener feel something powerful.

By the end of the track, listeners should feel refreshed and optimistic as they continue to chill on a couch. It goes without saying that Joe Hertz is adept at his craft, and with a track like “Playing For You”, this producer’s talent for building a mood is further explored.

If listeners dig “Playing For You”, they definitely need to check out Hertz’ recent EP Chapter One.

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