JORDANN shares dreamy and melancholic new song “Business Solutions”

JORDANN‘s self-released new song “Business Solutions” is out now.

Hailing from the bustling city of Montréal, Jordan Hebert, better known as JORDANN, is a one-man band crafting indie pop tracks in his bedroom. If you like Men I Trust‘s dreamy and sepia-toned songs, you will certainly dig his music as well (Dragos Chiriac actually mixed and mastered his debut singles “Ashore” and “I Revel in You”). Like his Montréal fellas, JORDANN manages to produce delicate tracks decked with sharp details while always embracing a low-key and DIY ethos. Therefore, his songs come up with some beautiful contrasts, sounding both minimalist and intricate, warm and wistful.

His new offering “Business Solutions” is totally in line with this approach. Driven by a sleepy funk bass, its sparse and refined groove appears as welcoming at first, even recalling Daft Punk‘s masterpiece “Something About Us” to mind. But behind these smooth and caressing arrangements, there’s also a glimpse of autumnal melancholy, in the lyrics and the synth melody. Listen below.

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