Joymint shares breezy vaporware tracks “Crazy Love” and “Elemental”

Joymint‘s latest tracks, “Crazy Love” and “Elemental”, are out on Outerbox.

We don’t know much about American producer Joymint but his latest two tracks, “Crazy Love” and “Elemental”, are pretty infectious. Combining vaporwave, chillwave with breezy electronic, they sound simultaneously modern and retro, melancholic and uplifting. On his profile, the enigmatic artist detailed:

After years of working in music stores making a living as a studio designer and off hours a student of sounds. Joymint was searching for something bigger, something more. The next chapter in life was all about travel, colliding these two intersections together shaped a completely new vision for music. A taste for the latest technology and using it like a Bladerunner is a Joymint obsession. Mixing that passion with culture is where the real adventure begins.

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