Turkish queer producer Jtamul debuts on Objects Limited with “Tsiqvi”

“Tsiqvi” is taken from Jtamul‘s new EP Lubuni, due out May 31 on Objects Limited.

Hailing from the woody region of North-East Turkey, 21-year-old linguistics student and producer Jtamul makes their debut on Objects Limited, a label ran by Lara Rix-Martin and focusing on female identifying/non binary electronic producers. The title of their new EP, Lubuni, means queer person in Lubunca, a secret slang that has been used by the LGBTQ community in Turkey. About the project, Jtamul detailed:

‘Lubuni’ is the name of that solarpunk fairy princette I’m trying to portray in the EP. I’m trying to open up a virtual space for myself to portray the being I always dreamed to be. A portrayal of myself as a digital fairy princette, who is showing off their vulnerable and tender side as an escape from the strict norms and forms of society that I live in at the time.

The first single “Tsiqvi” is already available. Combining haunting vocal experimentations fairly described as an ocean of tongues and Arca-esque abrasive soundscapes, it’s a challenging offering just like the future we all have to face. Listen below.

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