Oslo duo Konradsen debut with auroral delight “Never Say A”

Konradsen‘s debut song “Never Say A” is out now on Su Tissue Records.

There’s a new fascinating duo working in a bedroom surrounded by plants in Oslo. Comprising of Eirik and Jenny, Konradsen make their debut on Su Tissue Records – home of Okay Kaya and Jenny Hval in Norway – with their absorbing song “Never Say A”. It’s a caressing track which reproduces the magic of a specific moment, when rays of light are being beamed at your window on a winter morning. Intermingling flugelhorn and piano arrangements with vocal samples and electronic layers, the ambient pop track can count on its luxuriance to envelop and warm you up but it is distilled drop by drop, with a Nordic elegance and restraint. About “Never Say A”, Konradsen stated:

With ‘Never Say A’, we wanted to show the playful side of this project. We try to combine experimenting with samples, lots of flugelhorn tracks and warm fuzzy vocals. Lyrically, the song is about breaking out of a role that is given to you. “I would never steal your story”. It’s fragments of thoughts you have, expectations and wishes. For us the ending is a summary, where you arrive in a good and dreamy place.

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