Kornél Kovács remixes Twenty Committee’s “This Town”

Twenty Committee‘s “This Town” (Kornél Kovács remix) is out via Crowds and Power Music Group.

Earlier this year, Scandinavian collective Twenty Committee released the electronic track “This Town”, featuring vocals from Chloe Rodgers. The group led by producer Anders Källmark has now enrolled the Studio Barnhus co-founder Kornél Kovács to remix it, giving a wistful touch to the track.

“I had a blast making this remix for Twenty Committee, for which I channeled end-of-summer melancholia, old Matthew Herbert records, and the dadaist sound poetry of Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven,” explained Kovács. “Big up Chloe Rodgers‘ voice for sounding so good pitched down and shout out to the Luke Vibert breakbeat sample pack for always being there for me in times of need.”

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