Kraków Loves Adana share a captivating ode to tapes: “Rapture”

Hambourg-based duo Kraków Loves Adana are going to release their new album “Songs After The Blue” in April and they’ve just shared the video of a new single “Rapture”.

Kraków Loves Adana, the duo comprised of Deniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann, follow up to their last single “American Boy” with a captivating new track, “Rapture”, which is supposed to be an ode to cassette. One must say that the voice of the band, Deniz Cicek, starting to record tracks without having internet access or a computer until the age of 17. She was actually introduced to music thanks to tapes she found in her parents’ collection. One of her favourites was named “Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love” even if at that time, she had no idea who this British genius was.

Have you ever walked in a street, hermetically isolated from the rest of the world, with your headphones on your ears? This is this powerful and lush feeling that the duo wants to put in a song today. Wandering with a walkman is more than listening to some music. It’s an act of freedom, a romantic celebration of music, a moment of nostalgia. This is the rapture of your heart in a small rectangular piece of plastic. Kraków Loves Adana‘s new single “Rapture” comes with a video which was directed by Wy’s Ebba Ågren.

“Rapture” is taken from “Songs After The Blue” due out on April 6 via Better Call Rob

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