Laurence-Anne teases third album with feminist incantation “Flores”

“Flores” is taken from Laurence-Anne‘s Oniromancie, out September 8 via Bonsound.

We’ve said it before and we’ll see it again: There must be something in the water in Montreal. For some reason, many of our favorite artists live in this Canadian city, and there’s a new name to add on the -already long- list. Like many of her fellow Quebec musicians, Laurence-Anne crafts exquisite and ethereal synth pop, and her upcoming record, Oniromancie (which is a form of divination based upon dreams, in French), is described as “her most explicitly dream pop album.”

“Dreams are sometimes a reflection of my anxiety, which manifests itself more vividly than when I’m awake” explains the artist regarding her main source of inspiration. “I’ve often experienced sleep paralysis. It’s in those moments that I get a feeling of being watched by the night, and I can feel it interacting with me. When I am awake, she shows me her beauty: she is quiet, whispering softly, shining with the moon and stars. When I am asleep, she sometimes shows me her darker side: her shadows, her secrets, she cries out her anguish” adds Laurence-Anne.

After singles “Polymorphe” and “Politesse,” the singer-songwriter recently shared “Flores”, another advance track off the record. Sung in Spanish, this nocturnal and bewitching mantra can be interpreted as a form of feminine empowerment, and the flowers are a metaphor for human beings, who are capable of concealing a powerful poison beneath their deceptive beauty; this message is a welcome reminder for the male gaze that beauty and strength are not two ends of the same spectrum.