Go through your too long winter with LeyeT’s refreshing banger “Drip Drop”

Following up on her Hype Machine-topper previous single “Long Way”, LeyeT shares her first offering of 2018, “Drip Drop”, and it is a pop banger.

Los Angeles-based indie-pop singer-songwriter LeyeT – pronounce it “light” – hits strong with her first release of 2018. One must say that her previous single, “Long Way” has turned to be a big hit and there’s no reason she doesn’t achieve the same with this new song. “Drip Drop” is an infectious and instant pop song. Although it deals with a heartbreak, it’s a catchy track that is perfectly tailored to be stuck in your mind. “Drip Drop”, like the sound of a refreshing rain when it’s too hot out there. There’s always these summery vibes with LeyeT and fun tracks like this one are always appreciated to go through our long Belgian rainy winters.

About the track, LeyeT detailed:

This song came about during a time of personal heartbreak…during what truly felt like the most painful thing I had yet to feel. In my mind, I pictured the weight of that feeling to be somewhat like being pummeled by waves and the journey of healing to be a slow, continual process that is a relentless cycle of drip/flood/drip until one day it all finally stops and you can see over the waves.

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