LeyeT is opening up about loving again on Indian summer tune “Long Way”

Los Angeles-based artist LeyeT is holding us back into summer with “Long Way”.

For two years now, one can say deep house kind of invaded pop music. From Lost Frequencies to Robin Schulz, the easy listening tunes loaded with tropical vibes and simplistic guitar riffs have been topping all the European charts, being probably a music answer to the tough and dark times we’ve been going through. In this new niche which is once again dominated by male producers and DJs, LeyeT has achieved to shine by reaching more than 600K plays on Spotify with only 3 tracks. Her last offering, “Long Way”, should even boost these results even more. Her new single manages to stand out in a particularly over-saturated market while letting her some room to express her inner feelings about falling in love again.

About “Long Way”, LeyeT detailed:

This is a song that captures exactly what I’m feeling right now. It is me being honest and vulnerable with where I’m at…something that I always strive to be in my songwriting. This past year, I’ve been in a season of joy, independence and freedom…it’s been amazing really. Now, with the thought of loving someone else again/dating crossing my mind, I’ve found the thought of it a bit scary to think about (haha). This song plays on that emotion and point in time – the moment where you’re toying with those thoughts again, realizing maybe you’re not quite ready to jump into love again, or if you are….maybe you’d prefer to take the long way?

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