French act L’Impératrice are ready to mesmerize the world with Matahari

L’Impératrice‘s debut album Matahari will be released internationally on April 5.

2019 is here and all signs indicate that French pop artists have the wind in their sails, twenty years after the French Touch invasion. Following a very successful release in France in 2018, L’Impératrice are the latest band to opt for an overseas adventure. Intermingling 70s space disco with downtempo 90s synth-pop and majestic jazz-funk, the debut album of the Parisians, Matahari, will be released worldwide on April 5. Dreaming big is not a nonsense when your band name means “The Empress”.

Driven by crystalline synths, L’impératrice‘s intriguing instrumental “Lá-Haut” opens the album and acts as the first single. It comes with a trippy Aymeric Bergada-directed video and perfectly introduces the mysterious universe of Matahari. The bewitchment has just started…