Lowne long for each other and come together on dreamy song “Greyout”

Lowne‘s new song, “Greyout,” is out via Nice Guys Records.

A couple in the studio as well as in real life, Abby Cole and Matheus Nascimento (aka Slowaves) embarked on their musical journey as Lowne earlier this year, weaving their sonic tapestries despite being based over 5,000 miles apart. Masters of dreamy and nostalgic soundscapes, the duo, hailing from Dallas and São Paulo, have captured the attention of the discerning tastemakers at Nice Guys, with whom they released their initial two singles, “Into me” and “Waiting Room.”

Lowne‘s latest release, “Greyout”, features a fusion of hazy guitars, ethereal synths, and velvety vocals. Despite being the first song the duo wrote and produced together in person, the track paradoxically delves into the voids that can afflict a long-distance relationship. Needless to say, the extended instrumental breaks symbolize these prolonged moments of yearning. Hopefully, for the lovers, there are also occasions for physical and intimate reunions, as embodied by the sensual chorus.