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Drift away into an atmospheric headspace with Majik’s enchanting new song, “Closer”. The duo stirs feeling and emotion into their song, sharing some deep insight into the paradoxical nature of love.

Marcus and Jamie fuse their musical skills as a songwriter and producer to create the enchanting duo, Majik. They first met in Leeds and started some early production together with the idea of making some chill rap. Then, after a couple years of separation, they decided to reconvene and combine their talents and skills to become Majik. The name surfaced from the “sense of magic and energy” that came with the natural flow of the duo’s efforts, complete with the inclusion of their initials ‘M’ and ‘J’.

Marcus explains that the song explores the struggles and pains of love. In the first couple of lyrics in the song, he sings:

In the shadows I see flames
In sunsets I see rain
In my reflections I see pain
Hidden by the way I always say your name

When you begin to connect with someone and lend your trust to them, the scars of life resurface. He refers to how beneath his positive and happy surface lies a damaged soul. He wishes to shield her from what she might see in him. But for him to truly heal, he must put down his guards and let her in. This is a difficult chapter of “love” that pushes him to open doors previously left closed. He explains that this is the true bond of love, and the fear of hurting another is always present.

Majik‘s new track “is about when someone you need must come ‘Closer’ however painful it may be, in order to move forward”.

This is a raw concept that many couples undergo on the eve of commitment. But it’s these push and pull forces that ultimately bind two people into the state of “oneness”. In their music production, their goal is to make sure they capture their feelings and emotional depth in the sounds they create, in hopes of making the listener feel what they feel.

Majik London

Marcus pulls your heart with his hypnotic vocals nicely blending over Jamie’s smooth production. The song puts you in a trance-like state that immediately relaxes your insides, leaving you feeling like:

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This new track “Closer” is one of their three independently released songs on Soundcloud. To listen to more, follow Majik on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter! And visit their website too!

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