scarlett saunders windmill

Scarlett Saunders – Windmill

scarlett saunders windmill

The unforgiving voice and solemn style of Scarlett Saunders are reminiscent of Adele. Her voice lifts you up and swings you gently like a cradle. Close your eyes. And let her “Windmill” turn you around…

dyan days upon days

DYAN – Days Upon Days

dyan days upon days

DYAN‘s “Days Upon Days” is your classic indie pop song with a modern production twist. The voice is mesmerizing. The supplemental plucks are melodically pleasing. The underlying zipper- like synths in the beginning and middle of the song serve to smoothen all your rough edges. Listen to it now!

serpentwithfeet flickering

⚡ serpentwithfeet – flickering

serpentwithfeet flickering

He is dark. He is mysterious. He is emotionally artistic. He is Josiah Wise and Josiah Wise is serpentwithfeet. He is one of the most recent artists to sign onto Tri Angle Records. His first debut single, “flickering”, is simply stunning!

Rak-su – Crystal Sky  (Video)

Rak-su - Crystal Sky

Releasing an E.P with stunning music videos, Rak-su is entering the game with a bang. The group Rak-su consists of four artists: Ashley, Jamaal, Mustafa and their newest member Myles. Combining their talents as writers, rappers, and singers, they created the E.P to sensitize the highs and lows of their journey together.

Moglii x Novaa – Same

Moglii and Novaa are an unstoppable duo from Germany. First, they recently released a collaborative: the intricate and unique sounding “Down Under EP”. They also experiment under the genre they like to call “organic electronic.” Their beautiful delivery of vocals over oddly soothing synth choices will surely sweep you away. And their track “Same” is a perfect illustration!

Majik – Closer

Majik Closer Artwork

Drift away into an atmospheric headspace with Majik’s enchanting new song, “Closer”. The duo stirs feeling and emotion into their song, sharing some deep insight into the paradoxical nature of love.