Maria Usbeck is back with synth-pop pure delight “Bosque De Bambú”

Maria Usbeck is back with “Bosque De Bambú”, the first track since the release on Cascine and Labrador of her 2016’s critically acclaimed album “Amparo”.

If you don’t know her, Maria Usbeck was the frontman of Brooklyn-based band Selebrities. In 2016, Usbeck decided to go solo with her debut album “Amparo”. The LP was the amazing result of three years of recording and traveling, through South America in particular. Now, the artist who comes from Ecuador is back with a dancing and refreshing synth-pop single which still gives room to her South-American culture. The track, which notably features kalimba, was produced and mixed by Kurt Feldman.

About “Bosque De Bambú”, Maria Usbeck detailed:

It is a song that should be played anytime you feel that you are breaking the norm. It’s a song about no limits, a love with no boundaries. Feeling free of society’s restrictions and embracing the moment. Getting lost in it. Love who you wanna love.

Maria Usbeck‘s single “Bosque De Bambú” is now out via Cascine/Labrador.

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