Meagre Martin’s new song “Mountain” breathes saudade

Meagre Martin‘s “Mountain” is taken from their upcoming debut album Gut Punch, out November 10 2023 via Mansions & Millions.

Meagre Martin, consisting of Sarah Martin on guitar, Freddy Corazzini on drums, and Max Hirtz-Wolf on bass, originated in the United States during the summer of 2021. However, their mutual love for music prompted the trio to make the move to Berlin. Their debut album, Gut Punch, is a unique blend of shoegaze, 90s indie, and a cheekily dubbed ‘faux country’ sound. This musical amalgamation strikes a balance between familiarity and freshness, and serves as the canvas for lyrics that delve into themes such as vulnerability, personal trauma, healing, the climate crisis, and mass extinction. Sarah Martin also navigates her intricate feelings towards her home country, the United States.

“‘Mountain‘ is a song in remembrance of things that were once so familiar but whose significance has become unrecognizable, and that familiarity is distant and faded,” explains Martin, about their new single. “Landmarks that were once crucial in one’s life no longer hold the same emotional ties. The best word to describe this song is ‘Saudade’.”

If you missed it, you should also check the incredible lead single, “Please Clap.”