Mhairi unveils an amazing video for “Crystalline”

Finally, someone has raised a voice in an extraordinary manner for the people of Indonesia with Pasung, which is the practice of shackling or confining people with psychological disabilities: Mhairi, an electronic and alternative artist from the UK. In the video of her track “Crystalline“, she shows that she is so concerned about humanity and especially about people with psychological challenges.

The video directed by Damian Weilers clearly describes how much she cares and in pain for those people. The song is so touchy and leaves a stun effect on viewers. I must say that such artists are a gift of nature to mankind and especially for those who are considered different or thrown away from society for that difference.

She proved that caring and being among them is not dangerous. All they need is someone who understands them and put a glance of love at them. So they must know that they are not alone. Maybe that helps them recover.

With the Damian Weilers-directed video of “Crystalline”, UK electro-alternative artist Mhairi demonstrates her talent, her generosity and her humanity.

She is just 20 years old and her passion and thinking made her stand in the front line. She is the only one to highlight that more than 1900 (according to latest human rights report) are suffering from “Pasung”. Moreover, she has donated all earnings from that single to charity – Yayasun Galuh Rehabilitation facility where the video was filmed, to eradicate the problem.

In her own words:

”Crystalline explores the feelings of being lost inside your own mind, and how introversion can be a determent to your sense of self and the relationships you have. The lyrics follow an internal dialogue, and shows a kind of struggle between two parts of mind – one that needs to indulge in being alone, and one that needs to be anywhere else other than inside my own head”

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