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Mhairi unveils an amazing video for “Crystalline”

Finally, someone has raised a voice in an extraordinary manner for the people of Indonesia with Pasung, which is the practice of shackling or confining people with psychological disabilities: Mhairi, an electronic and alternative artist from the UK. In the video of her track “Crystalline“, she shows that she is so concerned about humanity and especially about people with psychological challenges.

Mhairi – Crystalline


She’s only 20 but her debut track is unquestionable. Mhairi, that you pronounce “mah-ree”, comes from Bournemouth, a city on the southern coast of England. Her debut track “Crystalline” reminds the wild sea resisting the rocks and the wind that often gives you chills. Her indietronica/R&B is located somewhere on a lost island with stunning sound landscapes, not far from the trip-hop of Massive Attack, the geyser-pop of iamamiwhoami, the sensuality of Banks and the creativity of Björk.