⚡ Miljon’s “What Does It Take” is an unexpected, transcendent gem

Miljon‘s third release “What Does It Take” is out now on Small Fortune.

Although there’s so much good music being released all the time, it’s not every day we happen upon a total jam like Miljon‘s gorgeous “What Does It Take.” The Swedish duo consisting of Lisa Milberg and Jon Bergström trade sweet, reverby vocals back and forth over a looped beat, serene synth chords, and a bass line just funky enough to keep your body swaying and your head nodding. By the time Lisa yearns, “In my dreams, in my dreams, in my dreams, still you and me,” you’ll be dancing and crying at the same time. Miljon expertly layers the song — adding a guitar here and another keyboard there — patiently building to a percussive breakdown reminiscent of early New Order, before bringing the instrumentation back and putting those lovely melodies back in your headphones. It’s deceptively simple, and the result is transcendent. “What Does It Take” is the perfect chill-disco soundtrack to accompany the transition from summer to autumn, and as such, you’ll have this little earworm on repeat all October. When a song this stunning and unexpected comes along, it’s like discovering treasure.

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