Molly Sarlé shares compelling and immersive sophomore single “This Close”

“This Close” is the second solo offering from Molly Sarlé, taken from her forthcoming debut album Karaoke Angel out via Partisan Records in autumn.

Molly Sarlé is no stranger to the music industry. She’s most well known for being one third of the Appalachian folk band Mountain Man, yet her solo material feels profoundly her own, like she’s carving a spot for herself to inhabit.

“This Close”, her second solo track, possesses an elegance in its simplicity. As a track it’s stripped down to the bare essentials musically, leaving room for Molly Sarlé’s voice to positively soar bee the top. Sarlé has a mesmerising and powerful voice, one that lilts over words with a twang that makes for perfect storytelling. It’s exactly this, her ability to create a narrative, that makes “This Close” so captivating.

There a poetic and cinematic lyricism to the track, one that Sarlé seems determined to convey as astutely as possible. She zooms in on the smallest details of the narrative, creating a story that is deeply personal. The stripped back nature of the song, with repetitive refrains and a stop start structure gives the track a real cohesion, almost like Sarlé is giving her listeners the chance to process each section of her story before moving on. It has the same effect as turning a page or starting a new chapter when reading a book, it makes the song all the more compelling and immersive.

All the while, Molly Sarlé’s beatific voice guided us along, encouraging the listener onto the next section of the track with a blissful ease. Watch the accompanying KITTY DISCO-directed visuals below.

Molly Sarlé will play 6 UK shows later in the year, where she will perform songs from her debut album Karaoke Angel. The dates are detailed below.

Aug 30th | Brighton – Green Door Store

Aug 31st | Salisbury – End of the Road Festival

Sept 1st | North Yorkshire – The Band Room

Sept 2nd | Glasgow – Broadcast

Sept 3rd | Leeds – Hyde Park Book Club

Sept 4th | London – St. Pancras Old Church

Rachel Chandler

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