HighClouds best tracks songs 2020 so far

HighClouds: Best Tracks of 2020 [so far]

Our staff has spoken: here are our 30 favourite tracks of 2020 so far. We’re only 6 months into 2020

TOPS Direct Sunlight Witching Hour I Feel Alive by Shelby Fenlon

TOPS share “Direct Sunlight”, the dazzling opening track of their new album

“Direct Sunlight” is taken from TOPS’ upcoming album, I Feel Alive, out next week on Musique TOPS.

TOPS Closer Colder video by Justin Aranha

TOPS explore social isolation with new track and video “Colder & Closer”

“Colder & Closer” is taken from TOPS‘ new album, I Feel Alive, due out April 3 on their own imprint

TOPS Direct Sunlight Witching Hour I Feel Alive by Shelby Fenlon

TOPS address the pressure to be feminine with new song “Witching Hour”

“Witching Hour” is taken from TOPS‘ upcoming fourth album, I Feel Alive, to be released for the first time on

TOPS I Feel Alive album artwork video

TOPS announce fourth album with gleaming new track “I Feel Alive”

“I Feel Alive” is the title track of TOPS‘ upcoming new album, to be self-released on April 3. After three

TOPS Echo of Dawn Seven Minutes by TOPS by Shelby Fenton

Montreal four-piece TOPS share double single “Echo of Dawn”/”Seven Minutes”

“Echo of Dawn” and “Seven Minutes” are out on TOPS‘ brand new label Musique TOPS. Formed in Montreal back in

TOPS Topless video

Montreal’s indie pop four-piece TOPS share “Topless” video.

“Topless” is taken from TOPS‘ album Sugar at the Gate, out on Arbutus. Better late than never. Montreal indie pop


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