MOWUKIS releases first animated music video for “Animals Used to Scare”

French songwriter Louis-Louise Kay known as MOWUKIS, releases his first music video for “Animals Used To Scare.”

Directed by Titouan Bordeau from studio Folimage, this animated video is a colorful and eccentric dreamy piece that follows the journey of a mysterious man through ever-changing sceneries. From the beginning on, we experience the character through their journey of solitude in a desert followed by the death of a unexpected entity and the ending tranquility of rain. The complexity of this video is endorsed by the beautiful musicality. The hand synthesizers, homemade drum beats, and classical instruments shifts the tonality of this track from modern pop to electronica. A beautiful mixture of musical production and color all brought to life in the animated video.

You can follow MOWUKIS over Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and listen to the audio below.

Clarissa Meneses

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