MUKI ignores all the haters on twisted pop banger “Gold Oxygen”

For sure, MUKI is one of those exciting and fun artists who challenge the definition of pop music.

MUKI caught our attention last year with her playful single “SASSAPARILLA“. As you might know, we’re real suckers for hyperpop, NXC and PC Music-like songs. Today, the artist who has grown up in Sydney is back with a new banger that will please all the fans of Charli XCX, Jarina De Marco and A.G. Cook. On her pop 2.0 block party-tailored single “Gold Oxygen,” MUKI fiercely stands out to all of her detractors and we gladly imagine her twerking on her throne.

About “Gold Oxygen”, Muki explained:

‘Gold Oxygen’ is an anthem for ‘blocking the haters’. It is about believing in yourself and drowning out other people’s negativity by being your own supporter. It is about having the attitude that if people don’t accept you or support you then they aren’t worth your energy. Ultimately it is about having the courage to do YOU despite the opinion of others.

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